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Consulting and search is about more than just recruiting the right people. It’s about creating real value for your organization, tackling challenges and moving your organization forward. NeoForte Solutions Group helps our clients through the recruiting process by finding only the best candidate. Our team of highly passionate and focused executives have decades of experience navigating the changing IT landscape. Each of us has years of hands-on experience in development, implementation, and IT management. Our technology expertise and our use of advanced targeting strategies, access to multiple sourcing channels, and thorough qualifying process set us apart in the industry.
Choosing the right consulting and search firm is an important decision for the success of your IT implementations and talent acquisition efforts. We believe that finding the best person for each position requires more than searching resumes and conducting numerous interviews. With our technology background we are able to quickly understand your technical challenges as well as identify your business culture. Armed with this information we are positive that NeoForte can find the best person for your team.
Learn more about our company, our solutions, and our track record of success, and see why we are regarded as one of the premier technology solutions and staffing firms in the region!

What Our Clients Think

“I have been amazed how you have been able to locate the rare talent that I have needed. In a word, NeoForte is suberb! Thank God for NeoForte.”
– Louie Peak, Unisys

“NeoForte has consistently provided us with the highest caliber individuals. There has not been another firm as successful in sourcing personnel to our program.”
– A. Hugh Oaks, Century Link (Formerly Qwest Apptimum)

“NeoForte knows the value of the customer relationship and continues to strive to exceed customer expectations by gaining better knowledge of our company.”
– Chad Petroshus, HomeSphere

“NeoForte has proven to be a strong ally to our business both from a technology and business perspective. the quality of work delivered by your staff is always of the highest level.”
– Jeffrey Knight, First Trust